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Monday, June 18, 2007

Vegged around the house today.

Laid around the house all day today, but I did manage to sneak in some workout time today. Also snuck in a few small activites that I know will burn mucho calories over a period of time. Read a little about nutrition and fitness (okay, a lot) and I am definitely in the mood to kick my butt into gear and get more active and develop more muscle.

Daily Workout (20 minutes maximum)
  • Walking lunge with overhead press, 30 repetitions, while alternating sides.
  • Deadlift with row, 20 repetitions.
  • Lateral lunge with chop, 15 repetitions.
  • Walking plank with pushups, walked over six steps to one side in push-up position. Went down on knees and did five push-ups. Walked six steps to other side and did just as many push-ups. Was supposed to do this three times on each side, but could only do one on each. I promise you by the end of the summer I will be able to complete these.
  • Side bridge, 10 repetitions. On the last rep on each side, pause for 10 seconds in the air, then lower.
  • Finish up by doing some kind of aerobic activity (like cycling, jogging, dancing, whatever) for 10 minutes. Your rate of percieved exertion (how would you rate the difficulty of the workout on a scale of 1-10, one being sitting and ten being about to collapse?) should be around 5 or 6. That means that you should be able to carry on a steady pace but you should start feeling it by the end of your quick cardio session.

Daily Tidbits

Based on a 125.5 pound woman. To figure out your calorie burn from doing the same activity in the same amount of time, do this equation: (Calories listed/125.5)*Your weight

  • Washing the car - 30 minutes - 89 calories
  • Gardening - 30 minutes - 115 calories
  • Throwing a frisbee - 30 minutes - 89 calories


Anonymous said...

tried ur work out just now. boy, did i feel the burn! can't wait to see how ur blog turns out as it develops. keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

I had no idea gardening burned so many calories.