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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rising from my slump.

I've quit laying around the house all day (I cut back my time to two hours today--be proud). I cleaned a little bit (which, if you go at a steady pace, burns a ton of calories per hour) and went to the dentist. No cavities! This is very different from my last checkup, where I got my first cavity ever. Trust me, that experience made me brush my teeth so that my gums bled, the night after my tooth filling. Disgusting. I also went walking with a friend, which is good. There is a playground near my house that has fitness equipment. They have signs near every station, telling you what to do. My friend and I definitely felt the burn.

Daily Workout

Go to the link below. Great workout, you will definitely feel the burn. No lie.

Daily Tidbits

Are you a chocoholic like me? Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate has rich benefits in moderation. By adding dark chocolate to your healthy diet, your giving your body healthy antioxidants that increase good cholesterol, stopped harmful bad cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity, and decreased the risk of blood clots. But remember, the only healthy type of chocolate is dark. So don't go sneaking in some milk or white chocolate, and eat in moderation.


Anonymous said...

i want chocolate

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I like my white chocolate, though.