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Monday, June 25, 2007


Volunteered at my church for Vacation Bible School. I'm a teacher, and most of the kids are absolutely adorable, but they're wearing me out! But the only bad side to this is that the break room is stocked with nothing but junk food. I swear, if I keep eating there, I'm gonna gain four or five pounds this week!

Daily Workout

Burnin' all the fat I've eaten at the break room..,5778,s1-2-67-208-2477-1,00.html

Daily Tidbits

Eat darker veggies and fruits. Studies have shown they have more nutrients in them in comparison to lighter colored produce. (And yes, that probably does mean adding the spinach to your salad next time you're at the salad bar. Iceberg lettuce just ain't gonna work all the time.)

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